Kanshin by Sessai

A wood Okimono, depicting a famous episode from the life of Kanshin (Han Xin: Chinese) one of the heroes of the Han Dynasty. During his early life Kanshin lived a life of poverty and was thought of by villagers as nothing more than a common beggar. On one occasion, a local bully demanded that Kanshin either use the sword he carries or crawl between the bully’s legs. Kanshin realised that there was nothing to be gained by fighting and potentially killing the bully and it would jeopardise his entire future. He decided to crawl through the bully’s legs, causing Kanshin great humiliation. Years later, after developing himself as a great military strategist he returned to the village and confronted the bully. Rather than exacting revenge, he enlisted the bully and promoted him to commander.

Ex: Steve Waszak Collection.

Ex: Petra Dorman Collection.

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