Monk by Minko

A large wood figure dressed in tattered robes. In one hand a fan is held which is opened and partially covers the face. The other hand grips a shakujo. Simple sandals cover the feet.

This impressive early figure by Juntoku Minko may have been an individual he saw in daily life. A few of these are recorded, but on each occasion he varied some aspect of the figure, whether it be including a head scarf, or differing the implements he holds some modification exists. On ours, which is not unique he holds a Shakujo an implement with multiple uses. Buddhists use it to shoo away insects, merchants use it for attracting attention. It can even, in trained hands be used as a weapon. The partial disguising of the face with a fan is an interesting feature. The bald head generates the idea the figure might be a monk.

Signed: Minko + Kakihan. Tsu. Last half of the 18th Century.

Ex: Winkworth Collection.

Ex: Julius Katchen Collection.

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