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Guide Price - £14,000

6.6cm High

An octopus looms over a little monkey who is seated on a conch shell. The former stands tall on its tentacles, wearing a haori. Through the garments sleeves more tentacles are visible one is snaking up to meet the Octopus’s head. The face is menacing, the features constricted together creating a ghoulish expression, perfect for the overall form as a ghostly octopus. I wonder what the monkey was doing prior to being scared half to death? He is gripping the apex of a conch shell between his legs. Judging by his expression and the pointy end of the shell appearing so penis-like, I suspect the artist was alluding to the male non spectators sport!

Signed: Minko with Kakihan. Tsu School. Last half of 18th Century.

6.6cm High.

Recorded in the Meinertzhagen Card Index. Page 518.
Ex: Walter Lionel Behrens Collection. 407.
Illustrated in the Koji Hoten.