Owl Pipecase

Owls have a variety of meanings worldwide. Even in Asia their symbolism is located at each end of the luck spectrum. Their name, has a good luck aspect to it, Fuku. In certain regions of Japan they are bearers of good weather omens, farmers in particular, who’s very livelihood depend on kind weather conduiton have taken the presence of an owl to mean a good harvest. However, they are somewhat lacking in the filial piety department. These ungrateful birds, are presumed to eat their own parents!

A bamboo musozutsu. The body of the case used to denote the trunk of a tree, which a sturdy branch sprouts from. Atop this branch a plump horned owl is perched, surveying an area for prey through huge gold coloured eyes.

Signed: Chikusen ?

Ex: Private German Collection.

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