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  • Alex Carmel, Netherlands.

    Neil, is a tremendous, impressive expert on Japanese culture in general, and on Netsuke in particular, this is why one can absolutely rely on his long term experience and accumulated knowledge. This can only be acquired by many, many years in the business. I would never hesitate to seek his advice, and of course, buy from him, again, and again. I could not think of anyone else I would trust more to turn to on any Netsuke matter!

  • Geoff Dorey, Guernsey. UK.
    Although I have been collecting Netsuke for upwards of thirty years, I only bought my first one from Neil in 2005 and have been a client of his ever since.
    I have found his unflappable, good humour and honest advice extremely helpful.   He is very hard working, diligent and I have found on occasions his pricing has been over fair, such that I have paid him more than was asked. His knowledge of Japanese art increases by the day and he is refreshing in thinking from first principles rather than blindly accepting the dogma of the day. Our collectors world is greatly the better for his contribution.
  • Martyn Jones, London. UK.

    I’ve always been impressed with Neil’s ability to source good quality netsuke at reasonable prices. As a collector of the past six years, I’ve found Neil’s taste in subject and character has meant I’ve been able to acquire a number of top quality netsuke to place into the core of my collection. Neil has a humorous, relaxed and pragmatic personality which has turned every transaction into a real pleasure. Give him a try, he won’t bite your head off, just your wallet.





  • Peter Burton, Bedford. England.

    I have been buying Netsuke from Neil Holton for more years than I would like to admit and can thoroughly recommend the experience. Neil is not simply a dealer of Japanese Art but a renowned expert in the field of Netsuke and Sagemono who’s passion and knowledge shines through on every occasion that you have the pleasure of contact. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting on your journey of Netsuke appreciation I recommend you contact Neil Holton without reservation and he will ensure you are delighted with the experience of being immersed in this fascinating field of art collecting.


  • N Hobbs. UK.

    Neil’s encyclopaedic knowledge of artists and schools is so impressive. On a visit once I showed him a purchase from another dealer. Neil immediately told me where it was made and who by. Only 3 recorded works are known by this artist, which he was able to draw my attention to in my library in two well known titles within a few minutes of his arrival. He took as much delight in sharing this knowledge as I did learning this new information about by new acquisition.