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Bird by Mitsuhiro

Guide Price - £1,200

1.5cm Long

Everyone will be familiar with the genius that is Mitsuhiro. If not, then you should be. We are blessed with Mitsuhiro as we actually know a number of facts about this artist, bear in mind even a confirmed date of birth for a netsuke artist is a rarity. What does tend to happen with Mitsuhiro though, if a work signed with his signature turns up, regarding authenticity it splits a room.

I am sure my little ojime will do the same.

Our impressionistic ojime has a secret. Turn the ojime in the hand reveals that from different perspectives, what emerges is quite amazing. Pigeon from one angle, Quail from another and possibly a monkey doll from another. Gentle stippling, glowing finish completes this ojime, oh no I almost forgot, it has a flowing signature.