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Guide Price - £3,500

5.2cm High

A wood figure of Jurojin, standing upright with a robe wrapping the body. A habit covers the shoulder and head area. Jurojin tilts his head towards a fan (uchiwa) as if to listen, his mouth too is open perhaps singing a tune or recanting some mystical spell. The face is wonderfully expressive with a long flowing beard which terminate at voluminous sleeves. The toes of his boots perk out beneath the bottom of the robe and a gourd and sceptre are slung around the waist. The wood is rich and inked in the recesses.

Roko was a most ingenious figure carver. He was an admirer of a number of past masters style. He appeared to have absorbed a great deal from the likes of Tsuji, Ryukei and Miwa even his use of stain and finish appears Toyomasa-esque at times. Though Roko gained inspiration from the aforementioned his individuality is instantly recognisable and he should perhaps be considered the among the finest figure carvers of his day.